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Sails for Sunfish® with Window

Specifically made for the Sunfish® Sail Boat

sunfish<sup>®</sup> sail with windows

Available Colors:

red and white sunfish<sup>®</sup> sail blue and white sunfish<sup>®</sup> sail green and white sunfish<sup>®</sup> sail yellow and white sunfish<sup>®</sup> sail red white and blue sunfish<sup>®</sup> sail

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Price: $179.00

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View a customer review of our sunfish® sail on YouTube.


  • Window increases your view and makes you more aware of your surroundings. Helps to avoid collisions and identifying wind shifts.
  • 3.9 oz. Low Aspect Dacron for optimum sail shape and control
  • Stainless steel grommets
  • Sail colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Teal, White and Red/White/Blue
  • These sails are made to more desirable five panel design similar to the race version
  • These are recreational sails and are not class legal however many of our customers use them for club racing and have no problem beating the factory sails

Sunfish® is the registered trademark of Vanguard Sails and/or Laser Performance. Kevane Sails is not a authorized dealer, distributer or licensee of Vanguard Sails and/or Laser Performance. We have no affiliation with either of these companies. We at Kevane Sails are sure that Sunfish®, Laser®, Vangaurd and Laser Performance would be happy if we did not even have this website.


We offer discounts for multiple sails to clubs, schools and camps.


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Sails for Sunfish®: $12
Sails for Optimist: $12
Sails for Laser®: $14

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